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My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers) Empty My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers)

Post by shanejayell on Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:52 pm

My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers) Ice

Watching ICE, in which I sacrifice 100 minutes do you don't have to.

Two Disclaimers: One, this review will be very spoilerific. If you want to
watch this anime (tho God knows why you would) without spoilers, I'd
suggest skipping this. Two, many of the faults I'll be discussing may be
because this anime is based off a video game, originally. However, as
the anime is the only thing available, that's what I'll be talking

First I should get the positive bits out of the way. The
animation is pretty good, and the character designs are okay too. Well,
the animation is okay. (Just saw a early scene and winced at how bad it
looked.) And I liked the theme music! Very pretty. Other than that...
The flaws, however, outweigh the good by quite a bit.

WHY would the United States invade Japan in the back story? While the US
was hit with whatever caused the death of men, is it really likely that
ONLY Shinjuku and Japan is still habitable? And why military force
anyway? If they knew much of the planet was wrecked, why not cooperate
with the Japanese survivors?

As a science fiction anime, it rather fails at science. The anime never adequately explains what wiped out
the men and most of the women, and it flip flops between biological and environmental origins for the crisis.
Somehow, the planet's ecology has been so messed up that humans can no longer eat plants and
animals. In fact, human food and flesh are poisonous to the new lifeforms that exist. Yet somehow this happened fast enough that humans can continue to survive by raiding supermarkets for still good canned
foods. Think about that. Either the eco-catastrophy only took a few years to wreak the planet's enviroment, including all the surviving animals (And evolution does not work that way!), or the canned food
lasts a really, REALLY long time.

Early on it also states that 'no more children can be born.' Say what? Even in modern times, we have
invitro and artificial insemination technologies. Is it that unlikely a method couldn't be conceived where two women could have kids? And (Spoiler!) there's a character later revealed to be bioengineered
between a human and animal. So... why not?

Where is the advanced technology in the series coming from? Yes, it's set in the future, so
one guesses there would be salvage. But the characters have unique weapons which appear new, flying vehicles and in one case advanced prostetic limbs. If the population is as tiny as implied how are they
building this stuff?

Touching on medicine a moment, the lead character has a mysterious ailment. It's never really explained, but she hasn't slept in THREE YEARS. Seriously. I mean, normal sleep deprivation makes people go loopy. What would three years do? Maybe that explains her odd psychic qualities.

Then we get to the ICE of the title. It's a apparent 'bioterrorism' risk, in which it encases the
host in crystal and makes monsters. And human babies, somehow. Oh, and you activate the ice via a gun like device you stick into the vagina and release into the body.

No, I am NOT kidding.

I'm not going to get into the plot too much, because frankly it makes my head hurt. There's a main plotline involving using ICE to save the world, somehow, and counter plots by other characters. And a time travel subplot that makes little sense to me.

The series ICE gets a certain amount of discussion as a yuri series, and in fact that's why I bought it, but the lesbians aren't displayed in a terribly good light. One is a power mad nutjob, one is a suicidal nihlist who parties the night away (and creepily licks a girl's eyeball), one is a yandere who tries to murder her friend when she shows interest in another woman, and one who's repressed and never told the woman she loves. Add to that ONE CHARACTER who actually comes across as a nice lesbian.

So, yeah.

I should say that there are a few characters I liked, and it's not completely crap. But the plot holes and various errors really made it hard for me to like this much. To be honest I really wish the writing had been better... it's actually a interesting concept and COULD have been good.

As it is, if you want to watch ICE... why not go read Y The Last Man instead? It covers much of the same ground, but better.

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My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers) Empty Re: My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers)

Post by Demon on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:02 pm

Aww, I liked ICE. =( I watched it about three times, well, the OVAs at least. I can't find the movie anywhere online. I looked for it a couple days ago.

It's weird and, well "exploding train-wreck" bad in all honesty, but I was skill finding myself liking it. Only really liked the main couple, the woman with the eye patch mostly. Hated the girl's nasel-y voice. x_X "Get a Breathe-Right band already! DX" (The eye-ball part I could have done without...)

I think the reason I like it is because I don't take it seriously in the slightest. "lolwut?" Watched it as something to pass time rather than a serious title. It's bad, very bad, but there is definitely worse out there.
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My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers) Empty Re: My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers)

Post by shanejayell on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:43 pm

"exploding train-wreck" is a good description. *lol*

Part of why it made me cringe is that I'm a big science fiction fan. These kind of dumb mistakes really grate on me. Wink

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My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers) Empty Re: My thoughts on ICE (Spoilers)

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