[Poem] Cynicism

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[Poem] Cynicism

Post by Blair Phoenix on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:37 pm

Humans are not meant to fly
Be productive with your day
It's a waste to even try
That is what you always say
But thoughts of flight fill my dreams
The clear blue skies call to me
I'll work out some sort of scheme
With it I will make you see
Yet you laugh and tell me straight
Life just does not work that way
Humans have way too much weight
The ground is where we should stay
And yet I still work in vain
To make my dream come to light
From dawn till sun starts to wane
I'll achieve this dream of flight
Test day for my flight comes fast
In the end I fly and fall
Straight down towards a fated crash
That of which you still recall
What a waste is what you say
Still I know I flew that day
Blair Phoenix

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