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Post by Demon on Thu May 17, 2012 9:30 am

Does anyone else play the Fire Emblem series? I just got finished beating Shadow Dragon, and I have no one to spazz with! D:

Okay, so I normally go through the games and make sure I don't have any characters killed in battle- it's a "you lose them for good if your characters die" series so I restart the whole chapter if I lose even one character.
On the last level of Shadow Dragon, I lost two characters. ;_; It was hard and I was disappointed.

I've only played three of the Fire Emblem games:
1. Path of Radiance
2. Radiant Dawn
3. Shadow Dragon

I haven't played PoR in forever, but I played RD recently and it's probably my favorite out of the three. Why? It has my favoite power-house Titania, and Heather, the oh-so-lesbian thief. She doesn't even try to hide it. XD (Heather/Nephenee! <333)

I still have to finish RD, but that's not too bad, seeing as how I love this series. Anyone else play? ^^
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