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Post by Demon on Tue May 29, 2012 7:59 am

dafuq did i just watch? c:

Seriously. That was... wow, I don't even. I think that was just pandering to really horny people. Anyway.

It's a two-parter and the second part just came out recently, along with someone subbing the second part not too long ago. I just watched it. I wish I didn't.

There's a girl with psychic powers, and then there's another girl who finds out. I can't remember the first part very well but I think the first girl has sex with the second girl as a deal that she doesn't talk. Then they have more sex.

Then the second girl has sex with her blood-related brother that's dying. -_- Episode end! \-_-/

"But why did you watch the second episode if you didn't have a high impression of the first?"

Because I'm a masochist that way. -_- Moving on to the second episode: *spoilers head*

So the psychic girl is justifiably angry at the second girl for what she did, but instead of talking it out like smart people, the second girl locks of psychic girl in a gym's storage room during the summer season for a week and forces her to have sex with her. -_____- I don't know if I'm supposed to find this endearing or something, but as far as I know, that constitutes as kidnapping and rape.

Anyway. Second girl sets psychic girl free because the second girl discloses that she's moving. Some things happen and it's revealed that the second girl did what she did because it was her brother's dying wish or something? This is visible because while the second girl is on the plane, the psychic girl can see the second girl's memories and see that... it wasn't... actual love? I dunno, I'm still uncomfortable with what she did. (And how she stupidly didn't explain why she did it.)

Suddenly the psychic girl's power reaches a super level and she zaps into the plane and the two girls exchange heartfelt something or others and kiss and make up. They plans to escape the plane using the psychic girl's power but oops~ she teleports them onto an alien planet. (Yeah, that came out of nowhere...)

But they're together so happy ending! .... I suppose. o_O

All in all, I didn't like it. Way too much sex, way too little... thought. On both the plot righter's side and the actual characters themselves.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the story. Perhaps if you like it, you can tell me why and we can go back and forth on why one part is so stupid or good? ;P
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