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Post by SolStarSenshi on Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:29 pm

First day of School


This was it! She could not believe her excitement! She was finally here, ready to face the future! She was ... knocked on her side by a giant manthing. Looked to be Stevenson, the star football player, from where she now lay on the grass. Shaking her head in deprecating amusement she stood up, slinging her backpack onto her shoulder.

'First day of the freshman year of high school could not start quietly,' she mused to herself as she looked around and headed in the direction of her class.

"Amanda Rosenburg?" Mrs. Schare called out.

"Michelle Rosenburg please," she replied as she raised her hand. "I go by my middle name."

"Trust me, I understand. Christopher Stroh?"

"Here," was the response, slurred or mumbled, Michelle was unable to decide. The guy was tall, probably older than the standard freshman actually. Made him fifteen she figured which was not a real issue. After all, she was thirteen herself. While she was petite for her age, she looked even younger than normal for it. The differences between them were striking.

He was tall, easily six feet. A lean body he didn't look weaker than the average person, giving in fact, the impression that he was a tightly coiled spring. He kept his dark hair just long enough to be a rumpled mess. Clothes wise he was never going to win fashion awards, seemingly extending the rumbled hairstyle to his laundry preparation.

She on the other hand, was lucky if she made four and half feet in height with her heels when she dressed up. The extent of her athletics was in the ease and grace that she moved. Her black shoulder length hair, which actually needed trimming since it was almost to her shoulder blades, shone red in the light. Clothes were casual fashionable; she got them at cost when she was done modeling them for the stores at Sunnydale Mall.

Mrs. Schare finished roll and started going over her expectations for the class. Attendance was a major part of the grade, the other being tests and commentary on the experiments they will do in class. The commentary were simple single page papers turned in the day after that would detail what caught the student's attention and what it was that was relevant for them.

"Let's see, chemistry with Mrs. Schare first period. Then I had English with Mr. Powel second period followed by the break. Geometry with Mr. Kidwell was third period. World history with Mrs. Smith is fourth period. Lunch time is now," she said as she snacked on a celery stick dipped in almond butter. "That leaves Japanese and Physical Education.

"Yay and yuck. To bad I can't challenge my way out of PE." She looked around where she was sitting on the lawn. The day was thankfully almost over; she liked her teachers, especially Mrs. Schare but she was not enthused about the rest. She really didn't like or hate any of them, except maybe Mr. Powel. But then she had never liked him at either the elementary or middle schools.

"Oh look, its brainy girl! Don't tell us they let little girls in that shouldn't be away from their breeding colonies?" the male voice taunted as it walked toward her, the expected snickers when they should be.

"Well, if you really want to be intimate with the grass, I am sure she would be grateful for the opportunity to kiss you again," Michelle said as she capped her vegetable sticks and almond butter.

"I know, we take your backpack like this and toss it between us until you cry and then dump it in a trash can when the bell rings," the boy said as he held her backpack before her.

"Or I can get the one strike I need and see you crying on the ground like normally happens," she said, as she stood and stepped away from the spot she had been sitting at, her meal stored in the insulted bag that she slipped the shoulderstrap over her head.

"Oh, poor baby. You are going to puff out your chest and flirt with us," one of the goons said as he moved into place as they surrounded her.

"At least it's my age that my maturity lacks rather than your lack of sexual concept." A step and she extended her right foot, knocking the bully that tried to grab her to the ground painfully.

"Damn cunt, thinking your recreational sports will save you!" the leader snarled as he shoved her backpack at her as she spun around another of his goons, using his momentum to launch him into the one her kick knocked down.

The sickening sound of two skulls mating echoed in the courtyard.

"Thanks" she said as she caught the backpack and managed to stumble backwards to solid footing. Spinning with the force that the backpack had been thrown with she smacked it, with a full load of textbooks, into the face of one goon who stumbled back into the leader. The fourth assailant decided he was done with the attempting to knock her down; he changed tactics.

He body slammed her, taking her backpack to the side of his head as he bore her down under his weight. "Got you," he said, not maliciously, as he held her in place, she possessing neither the strength nor the leverage to get free.

"Fucking cunt, now you get i..." the leader was suddenly interrupted as a kick threw him back a good three feet. The one holding her down rolled away and stood, waiting for the punishment to come. The third one, who she had struck with her backpack finally stood, blood dripping from his nose and an expression of trouble recognition on his face.

"Attacking students is never allowed. Attacking girls is bad form. Ganging up on one is the height of patheticness. The lot of you are in the principal's office now!" the teacher standing over them roared.

As her tormentors from middle school were gathered up Michelle decided she liked Mrs. Schare even more now.

"I can't believe I survived that," Michelle said as she walked out of the gym. Apparently Rick Stevens and his posse were sent home just before sixth period, courtesy of the police. Mark and Collin Matterson were sent first the hospital; the twins were stupid is as stupid does which is why they were loyal to Rick. Ronald Law and David Christians had been allowed to leave campus on their own. She really hoped they would leave Rick behind; both were nice when he wasn't around bullying them into bad behavior.

She walked into the library on the campus and looked around. Solid, physical, gorgeous books filled the shelves. There were several shelves with magazines on them and a few computers. Looked like the Mac Minis with some screen courtesy of the local Costco. She looked over and saw the librarian, an older man with a definite grasp of casually formal clothing.

"Hello," she called as she walked up, noticing that she was the only one in the library beside him. "My name is Michelle and you are?" she asked as she held her hand out to him.

"Robert Lange," he replied with a smile and a British accent. "How are you today Ms. Michelle?" he asked as he offered the chair next to the main desk.

"I am alive despite Phys Ed's yearly attempt to murder me painfully," she answered as she sat, putting her backpack next to her chair. Seeing his smile she answered it with one of her own. "Other than the daily vile that is my final period I am doing well. I would like to speak to you about getting a library card and seeing how complete your access is."

"I am pleased to report that we are a fully integrated subsidiary of Sunnydale Library Services. You are not pleased I take it," he observed when he saw her face cringe.

"Mrs. Hamilton doesn't like me. She says that I take my quest for knowledge to a dangerous extreme. That and my parents are comfortable with me reading books that technically are out of my age range," she added with a smile.

"The 'out of my age range' doesn't really apply if you are in a high school now does it," he teased her.

"Well, I can't purchase some of them at the bookstore because of how blunt they are, with no editing that the religiously repressed are safe with," she responded with a teasing tone.

"Religious or sexual?" was the dry request of elaboration.

"Is there a difference at a certain point?" was her equally dry response.

"No," he said laughing, "there most assuredly is not. What non-Christian and sexually aware books do you enjoy reading?" he asked as he started to go through some of the paperwork that the main office had left for him: delinquent books, delinquent students, list of appropriate books and not appropriate books. The final two lists he dropped right into the ultimate sorting mechanism: the trash can.

"Don't like being told what is appropriate?" she asked having seen the size of the two lists.

"The people who compile those lists should burn their Bibles since they are filled with their objectionable material. I tend not to worry about the general books in a library. Unless they are dark and dangerous of either the supernatural or the social/political/religious extreme I really don't care; readers will either finish them or not on their own comfort level."

"My Plan?"

"That would be the exception for a view of how easy it would be to make the wrong seem right. I take it you don't speak German."

"That and I can't remember how to pronounce it at the moment. Mein Kamph?" she tried.

He paused. "Can't think of it either. And I am currently boycotting the Macs. They don't work Firefox correctly," he offered as his grumble.

"They don't tab between drop downs on worth anything and I can't figure out the means of changing that setting," she finished with a smile, entertained by his enthusiasm for their shared complaint and horror that she was unable to figure the fix out as well.

“Well, since I already have a library card to the county library system I will go ahead and go. You have a good day Mr. Lange,” she said with a smile as she picked up her backpack and stood.

“You as well Ms. Michelle. You as well,” he replied as he inclined his head to her.

She stepped from the library and looked around. The campus had cleared of most of the lifeforms known as teenager and most of the faculty as well. She looked around again and stepped back as she realized that there was a long reptilian something that just slithered or dragged itself between two buildings. Frowning, thinking that the science department might have lost their snake she cautiously made her way to the corner of the building it had gone behind.

Leaning over she didn’t see anything and stepped cautiously out and looked around. Taking a few steps forward she looked along the buildings in this section of campus and decided to be paranoid and look along the roofline. Seeing nothing she carefully retreated back to the main courtyard and walked toward the parking lot.

Being thirteen meant she could not admit to driving her parent’s cars. It also meant that she could not ride a motorcycle to school. She could ride the street legal dirt bike that she had gotten the lights installed on. Unlocking it from the light pole it was secured to she looked up and screamed.

What ever it was that she was looking at decided to scream as well and then ran off back into the campus. She was panting, collasped on her ass, when Mrs. Schare and Mr. Lange both hurried into the parking lot, Mrs. Schare running to her as soon as she saw her.

“Michelle, what happened?” she asked as she reached her student. “We heard two screams and ran here as fast as we could.” Deciding that Michelle was fine, she helped the girl up, noting that Michelle did not stop looking in one direction. “What happened?”

“I thought it was a human reptile, which is impossible since they only exist in fantasy stories and science fiction ones,” Michelle said woodenly.

“What do you mean a ‘human reptile’?” Mrs. Schare asked, pouncing on the description. “Mammilla and reptillia are two distinct species groups. There can not be a person with both characteristics,” she pointed out as Michelle took her backpack from Mr. Lange.

“I don’t really know any better way of describing it, Mrs. Schare. I have nothing more than that as my explanation,” Michelle said as she picked up her bike from where it had hit the pole and placed the backpack on the rack. Taking her helmet she looked back at the direction the individual who startled her went and, with a shrug, put the helmet on and said goodbye again.

Robert Lange noted that Mrs. Schare took off in the direction that the person who startled this Ms. Michelle was to have gone. Interestingly enough, the door to the chemistry lab was that way.

Author Notes

This is a fan-fiction that I started after a Halloween one-shot game session with my friends some years ago. The premise is that we were the heroes to be instead of Buffy and the Scoobies - who flat out did not exist in the game session. The storyteller that evening wasn't happy when we kept trying to get her to run the game as a regular campaign. Smile

After having made our characters in full detail, filling out the character sheets and perusing all the rule books none of us wanted to have our characters not be played again. Since the group no longer exists in that form I decided to write Michelle, my character, into her own fan fiction. For those in the know, the game system was the Old World of Darkness published by White Wolf.

In case it actually needs to be said, yes, Michelle is based significantly on Willow, from the open mind and academic divinity to the eventual learning of magic.

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Slayer, an Alternate Universe Vampire Slayer fic Empty Day Two

Post by SolStarSenshi on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:51 pm


"So I don't know what it was that I saw."

Rabbi Yitzach Sickser looked over his favorite student. Michelle had a habit of forcing her teacher to suddenly read something so he could keep up with her questions. It was a good habit for both of them. "So, keep an eye out as they say," he replied as he took his books and gathered them up.

Michelle glared at him from under her bangs as she capped her pen. Shifting her attention to her books and the notebook she had written her day's notes in she began gathering them as well. She was often found in shul of the Sunnydale synagogue so her parents weren't worried. It helped that Rabbi had basically adopted her.

"How are your modeling jobs looking?" he asked as a change to a safer topic.

"They're fine. I have one scheduled for Saturday for a new ad campaign for services offered by the mall. I get to be social tech geek in them," she chirped happily. She liked poking fun of her habit of being a nerd since it was not something people expected a constant student like her to do.

"After Shabbot Services of course," he confirmed.

"Two o'clock set up, three o'clock shoot time," she replied with a smile.

Another attempt to murder her by physical education failed, she was showered and sitting on a railing inside the library. Mr. Lange was busy setting something up at the staff desk. Michelle didn’t know what it was but she had seen a couple of sticks of some kind and a really old book that she wanted to see.

Anything knowledge related, and generally old books were good for at least a trivia kick, were her kryptonite.

“So who are you waiting for?” Michelle called over to Mr. Lange as he turned to actual school paperwork. Only to smile when he suddenly started as he realized that she was still in the library.

“Haven’t you gone home yet?” he asked as he looked over at her.

“Part of the agreement to use the dirt bike on the streets is that I stay out of school traffic. Hence I stay on grounds until after the new hour, which here at the high school is four p.m.”

He blinked as he regarded her. “I did find it interesting that a freshman had a motorized means of locomotion. I am waiting for a specific student,” he continued as he made a snap decision. “If you want you may remain here in the library but I do ask that you remain quiet if you do. What I will be discussing is not believable by the average person.

“Not that those who believe it are regarded very highly at that,” he mused to himself as he took a look at the papers again.

Michelle shrugged. “Whatever it is can’t be any worse than the police department lying about the cause of the deaths in Sunnydale.” Her piece said she turned back to her book. She caught what looked like a pause in Mr. Lange’s stance for a moment but it was fast if it was there.

“What do the police say are the causes of the deaths?” he asked as he determined the paper’s fate.

“Gangs primarily. Drifters passing through. Rabid animals that like to feast on humans. The most recent attack of those left a traumatized poodle that was out for a walk with its owners.”

“What happened to the poodle?” morbid curiosity prompted him to ask.

“Don’t know. Decided the story was gruesome enough without asking for the Technicolor details. If you know someone in the coroner’s office they might be able to tell you more about the couple who owned it. Animal services for the poodle’s fate,” she said as she finished the current short story she was reading.

“And what are you reading?” he asked as he looked over at her. “High school freshman are definitely to young to read actual erotica books young lady.”

“Ever actually read the disposable romances at the supermarkets?”

He looked at the young lady who had raised a very valid point. “Put it away until the rest of the faculty are gone please. Otherwise we are going to have people getting into hysterics for their own self-importance and amusement.” When she bookmarked her place he turned back to the last of the paperwork he had. “Where did you get that anyway?”

“Human sexuality, third shelf down.”


“No, here,” she said as she pointed to the back sections of the school library. She continued at his dumbfounded look. “I take it you have not actually done an inventory of texts on hand?” she teased, a smile on her face.

“No I have not,” he replied tonelessly. Setting his papers down he exploded into movement as he left the desk and headed towards the indicated area. Michelle kept her hand on her backpack for a moment, the erotica collection put away in it as she looked over at where Mr. Lange had disappeared. Grinning she ran around the desk and looked at the counter.

The various sharp pieces of wood were interesting, as were the plastic cylinders that were resting with them. The book, on the other hand, now that captured her attention. Ancient black leather, what felt like parchment pages when she ran her finger along them and Olde English print in silver proclaiming ‘Vampyre’.

Oh yes, her kryptonite now please!

Grinning she lifted the cover and started to read the first page. Looking up at the comment that the library even had texts with full color reference, she smiled and closed the book, scampering back to her perch on the railing. Several minutes later Mr. Lange returned with a book in hand.

"Second volume in a series," was his explanation.

Laughing at him she just pulled her notebook out and started to review her chemistry notes; the homework was already done. Being a nerd did have its advantages to go with the disadvantages. She looked up as a young woman entered the library.

She looked to a junior if her height was anything to go by. That and the fact that she seemed to not have any of the pubescent fat that a number of freshmen, Michelle included to a degree, had was a good indicator. She had a pair of black Ray-bans on her head, the black die turning the apparent natural red into highlights. A white babydoll was the only part of her clothing that did not scream GOTH.

Michelle blinked as she realized that the woman wasn’t wearing black jeans but black leather pants. Alongside the black leather mini-boots and the black leather jacket it made her look like some type of biker chick. Which, given the helmet hanging from her backpack, both black as well, she clearly was. Definitely a junior or senior.

"No, I will not go out with you damnit!" she yelled to the ceiling as she slammed the door back at someone. A thud later and they paused while the young man walked in, holding his nose.

He seemed to a junior or senior as well, dressed in lower key yet fashionable clothing. Bright brown hair with a hint of either a curl or a wave was combed back while he held a shoulder strap to a red backpack slung over his left shoulder. A pale blue dress shirt was open; revealing ripped muscles underneath the skintight tank top. Matching pants and white sneakers completed the outfit.

"Ronnie at least let me take you out on a date," he tried to continue the conversation only to stop as she grabbed him by the tank top.

"No, I am not interested in dating you at all. Got it? Good!" and with that she shoved him.

Through the door to the library which was a good ten feet away.

"Well, other than the shock of how you encountered the strength, that can easily be confirmed as verified," Mr. Lange said in the quiet of the room after the door had swung back closed, the dual direction hinges proving their worth. He was not pleased that there would be yet another person who was to witness the initial conversation with Ms. Veronica Carriger.

"I wasn’t that strong before," Ronnie mused to herself as she stared at the doors as the young man returned to the library, rubbing the back of his head.

"You are that strong now because you are a Slayer. The one girl in each generation to protect the world from the minions of evil that prey upon humans."

The three students looked at the librarian and then looked at each other, Ronnie noticing Michelle after her friend had looked her way. "So why is it me all of sudden? I mean, pop-culture reference, am I a mutant like in the X-films?"

"No, you are not a mutant. You are a mystic warrior that was activated upon the death of your predecessor. Obviously there is much killing in the war that you have been recruited for, including the Slayers."

"So, it’s a death sentence then?" Ronnie asked.

"Not if you are careful. Many Slayers have fallen victim to illness, and in the less medically aware centuries, childbirth. It is distinctly possible that you will live quite a number of years provided that you are careful and do not take unnecessary risks."

Ronnie looked over at her friend and then back at the librarian. "So that is why you asked me to come by and talk to you?"

"Yes. My name is Robert Lange, the school librarian and I am going to be your mentor and resource in the coming battles. There are many threats that prey upon humans but the most prevalent are the demons known as vampires," Mr. Lange said as he came around to offer his hand to Ronnie.

"Wait," she said as she held her hand up to stop him. "Vampires are real?"

"Yes, they are a demon that animates the dead. A stake through…"

"You want me to kill vampires," she said increduously.

"They do explain the high level of deaths here in Sunnydale," Michelle spoke up. "You actually have red contacts in your…" she trailed off as Ronnie glared at her.

"You want me to kill vampires," she stated again as she turned to look at the librarian.

"In addition to all the other species of demons that prey upon the humans, yes." Robert was starting to get flustered because he could not figure out what Ms. Carriger wanted from him. Vampires killed people. It was given that even the most unimaginative would say it as a known fact.

"NO WAY!" she suddenly shouted. "Vampires are clearly misunderstood predators that just need to have someone show the world they can exist in peace provided that a means of providing blood is secured. Anyways, they are way cool. Eternal life, supernatural speed and strength, best clubs every night. This is great. Thanks for letting me know that they exist. I am so psyched!"

Mr. Lange and her friend looked at the door where Ronnie had taken off. The door had finally come to a close as they heard the noise of someone running to the administrative desk. Belatedly they spun in a circle as they tracked the noise back to the railing of the staircase where Michelle was lifting herself on her perch again. "Well this just means I get to read her textbook first," she said as she opened the cover to the Vampyre text.

Author's Notes


Chapter Word Count 1926

Story Word Count 4142

Ronnie is based on one of the other player's characters for the one shot game night Michelle is from. She really was played as a vampire fangirl. While I don't remember if she was a Goth, she was extremely antisocial.

And disturbing in other ways. I plan to use one particular way since it grossed me out, never mind my character.

We had never been informed of whose character was to be the Vampire Slayer - I don't think the game master had even thought of it. Now that I think about it the free abilities she gave me might have been latent slayer powers (Danger Sense and Medium). Problem is that she moved away several years ago so I can't ask her about it. If she evens remembers anything about it.

Oh well.


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