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Post by Demon on Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:38 am

Sengoku Collection [currently running] F3d5cd596b4e25d7e0d35d1250d3a398133
It's about Warring State generals (and others) from the Muromachi era of Japan (aka Sengoku, hence the title). Historical figures are women in this universe. They get transported to modern-day Japan and the anime follows their daily life as they try to adapt to a new way of life.

I put this anime in "definite yuri" because once you get past the first two or three episodes - bam! It turns into a series about girls with different talents trying to find their niche in a new life and interacting with old friends and rivals... and not-out-right-said-"girlfriends"-but-close-enough-to-where-words-aren't-needed-to-explain-it. Seriously. You could have your yuri-goggles set to .1 and some of these girls would still have enough "subtext" to call it a relationship.

The art is stylized and "cute" (I admit I had to get used to the style), and for an anime about warring state generals (and co.), there's hardly any conflict or fighting. (There is an extremely sad episode though.) It's a cute anime about girls. -shrugs- What's not to like? Just have to get past the first couple episodes, but the frst episodes does have the main character that ties the series together, so I'd watch it to see what the over-lining plot is. XD

Each episode focuses on a different character, so it's not one running story, but rather a collection of stories braided together... Aaaand I just realized why 'collection' is part of the title. Wow. I'm a fast one... >_>;

Anyway! Anyone else watching this? =)
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Sengoku Collection [currently running] Empty Re: Sengoku Collection [currently running]

Post by Oaden on Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:09 pm

Just finished watching it, at least 3 couples are so blatant they could only be more direct if they started making out on screen, and while i am of the opinion it would have improved the anime, its still pretty amusing in its own right without it.

That said, some episodes are just utterly nutterly butterly inane and insane.

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