Forum Rules [Updated June 25th]

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Forum Rules [Updated June 25th]

Post by Kagu on Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:52 pm

**Rules will be updated as needed**

Please note should you break any aspect of the following rules you will receive a warning. Three warnings and you are permanently banned.

Trolling will be met with an immediate ban, no warnings given.

That said, I don't want to boot out anyone so please behave.

Posting Guidelines:

Thoughtful posts

Please put some thought and effort into your posts. While posts do not have to be long or in depth, you should keep in mind the point you want to make, and do not post needlessly.
One word posts, unless clever and witty, will be frowned upon.

Controversial topics

You have freedom of speech to a degree.

If severe arguments break out, the thread will be frozen, inspected and may face deletion. Topics created with the purpose of inciting arguments (
we see you trollin') will be deleted. This also applies to shipping threads.

Do not use chat speak in posts!

I cannot stress this enough. Nobody wants to see "hey guiz wats up lol" in a post. I don't want to see "hey guiz wats up lol" in a post. This example will remain for the sake of being an example, but I don't want to see it elsewhere.

Avoid off-topic tangents

Straying from the topic is bound to happen, but try to avoid it becoming out of hand. If you discover a new discussion point, you may create a separate thread for it.

No linking to direct downloads

You may link to a download site (eg.
Mangafox) but NOT the download itself (eg. the Mai Hime page of Mangafox).

Do not advertise without permission

If you wish to advertise on, or become affiliated with, Dare You to Love Me (DYTLM); please message me first to make an official request. This does not apply for personal works such as fanfiction, amvs, fanart etc.


A forum is a community like any other, don't be rude and show respect for your peers and your administrator(s) and moderator(s).
Bullying, harassment, derogatory remarks, flaming and so forth will not be tolerated.

Forum-wide DYTLM staff (mods & admin):
Kagu, Alaeri

Administrator(s) and moderator(s) word is final. We are reasonable people but will only put up with so much.

Chat Guidelines

The chat is rated PG-13!

Avoid entering the chat under the influence of alcohol and/or hallucinogenic drugs.

Exercise your own judgement on what is and isn't appropriate. And just because it's rated PG-13 doesn't mean you should go hog-wild. Keep in mind that we do have younger members and we'd like to be as friendly as possible.

If something occurs that you feel needs to be addressed to by a moderator or administrator when none are present, please copy or screen cap (or both) the text and send it to either
myself or Alaeri.

In summary...

Illicit Content

DYTLM welcomes members of all ages so keep the site as friendly as possible.

  • Not Safe For Work (NSFW) fanart may only be posted under a spoiler tag with a warning. This rule may be subject to change.
  • NSFW fanfiction may be posted (or linked to) given it has a warning attached to it.
If you neglect the above you will be allowed one reminder. A repeat offense will result in an official warning.

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Post by Kagu on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:55 pm

Signatures are fun. Signatures can be funny. They can be informative, witty, sarcastic. A signature can be anything.


I want to see signatures kept PG-13.

I want to see signature images kept small (200 pixel height or less total).

Posting words is a good way to communicate with people. Scrolling past huge signatures just to get at the words a person posts is not very effective. I don't want this forum to be known for "Oh my god, so many huge signatures, what gives?" or "Man, all their signatures are covered in swear words. Not cool."

Any person who is asked to modify their signature will be given a period of time to do so. If they don't, I will personally go in and modify it myself with something special of my own making. (I don't enjoy doing this. Do not make me have to.)

If you have a comment/concern/complaint, address it to either Alaeri or myself.
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