Night City Nights: A Cyberpunk RPG Story

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Night City Nights: A Cyberpunk RPG Story Empty Night City Nights: A Cyberpunk RPG Story

Post by SolStarSenshi on Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:16 pm

A view of a dystopian future where the future is disposable, including you.


Some eighties techno-puke was thudding her eardrums as she sat at the bar, drinking the alchohol that she really shouldn’t be bothered with. Between the toxin binders and the enhanced antibodies, she rarely is able to drink either strong enough piss or…well, never enough piss to get drunk off.

No hangovers barely makes it worthwhile to have lost the buzz.

"So who is the output tonight?" asks the Chinese chombatta who took the seat next to her. "Whiskey, real deal, not the chooh2 either," is directed at the bartender, their hand waving that they heard despite the fact they were on the far side of the bar. Joys of a bartender cybered up. Other than his carrying alchohol that could stand in for the taste of the vehicle fuel, he did treat his customers' right.

"I want to just straight fuck my input tonight if you don't mind," she said in reply, pointedly ignoring the other person as she sipped the useless alchohol in her shot glass.

"So no strap? Sounds…deliciously vanilla. So, is there a reason you aren't raping me in one or the other's current residence?" her girlfriend asked, debating if she would be out of here before the bartender arrived to pour her her drink, which to be honest, she loathed. But you order something in the bar or you make yourself out to be prey and she rather liked the grey space she was in, such as the profession was.

"Waiting," was the reply and a refill of her shot glass from the bottle that had been left for her. Sliding it next to her girlfriend she flipped a clean glass and poured herself a fresh shot. "Covered Moriarty." The bartender grunted and tossed his rag in front of them; he had heard that she didn’t need the whiskey she ordered.

"For?" her girlfriend asked as she sipped the drink. It was no secret that after she had done the negotiations and base touching, she would want to leave. There just was nothing fun left to do in the bar.

"Bodies four and five," was called out as the bouncers walked by, the corpses in body bags and slung over their shoulders, the linear frame cyberware glistening in the lights of the bar.

"Five bodies? Either someone is not looking or this place really is dead dead. When was the last time a booostergang bar had only five bodies by 2314?" the girlfriend asked as she looked over at the bartender and her partner, who was pouring herself another shot from her bottle.

"Slow night," was Moriarty's comment as he grabbed his rag and went to work the other end of the bar.

"Try terminal," the girlfriend said to no one and then looked at her partner. "So: we are waiting for?" she returned to the topic that the bouncers had inadvertently interupted.

"Waiting." A sip of the alchohol.

"That tells me nothing," was the comment, normal toned, as her girlfriend turned back to the bar. Pulling out her dataterm, she started to review her newly acquired information from the night. She had planned to do this back at one or the other's place but she was not going yet and she refused to go home alone. Not only did it make sense to travel together but, God Damnit! she was horny.

"What video game are you playing?" the woman asked several minutes later, sipping her current shot glass.

"None, I am doing a review of my information right now. Probably one of those old '20's game that gathers the most magical girls into it," she mused as she looked over the latest 'legal' shipment of firearms that were coming into the city. The fact that there were three separate mafia families arranging it did not bode well. More profit to her accounts, she thought as she closed down the files. "Oh hey, I havent played this one recently," she exclaimed like a schoolgirl when she saw the title that listed when she hit random highlight.

"You mean since you were really in school don't you?" the woman quipped as she looked at the screen, leaning into her girlfriend's shoulder. "Oh, hey, you have the sexual patch! I might want it when you get a chance," she said as she sat back up right, movement at the door catching her attention.

"It's the Full Fetish one that finallized two years after it was released. You name it, the fetish is playable. Who just entered?" she asked as she pointedly ignored the mirror in front of them, clear view of the whole bar if you were at the right angles.

The woman capped her bottle and set it and the two glasses, the girlfriend's undrunk, under the ledge where Moriarty would return it to storage. "A boostergang."

"Who hired you or is this a freebee?" the girlfriend asked, not sure if she would be discouraged by the response, the game's load screen cycling through the extra resources that she had applied to it.

"Never mind, they are heading off to the corner. The bouncer's are going to shark that area," the woman said as she reached down and handed her girlfriend the glass she had poured for her while she lashed her foot behind her. The chombatta that was trying to cop a feel of her ass as she reached for the drinks crashed into her friends and they gave her catcalls for it. The girlfriend turned, her automatic in her hand. The message clear the offender and her posse moved off into the bar, fresh drinks in hand.

"Don't blame her; you do have a sweet ass, input," the girlfriend said as she returned the automatic to her holster. A smirk and an air kiss was the response before she turned back to working the stopper back out of the bottle. "So, what are we waiting for?" she asked lightly as she turned back to her dataterminal.

"Favor for you, favor for me," was the response as she glared at the bottle.

"Reealllly," was the dry tone her girlfriend gave as she looked at the woman. Moritaty walked by, took the bottle, popped the top and set it back on the counter before he had to break stride. A blink and "It is disapointing how easily he does that," she said as she looked at the bottle where he set it.

The woman just growled as she glared at the bottle. "No comment," pissingly growled.

"Your sexy when you growl," the girlfriend said leaning in and getting a glare as the woman refused to respond to the offered kiss. Laughing she sat back and started to review the settings in the computer game. "Should I include the Disney princesses?" she asked, refering to another addition that fans made that had become one of the default accessory files.

"Isn't that basically free victories even without the fetish fun?" the woman asked, an 'are you joking?' expression on her face.

"Well, yes. They are since Gisselle is the only one who actually seems to be useful," she replied as committed to the inclusion of the characters. "Now, lets see…Clamp yes, Sailor Moon yes, Yuri Harem Lyrical Nanoha," she said earning a snort from the woman. "Yes, I know. It's Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. The creater/marketers catered to the shoujo-ai/yuri crowd."

"Not to mention that they never bothered with anything other than lolicon," the woman said. "Not even that animator that hated the male characters in Sailor Moon was as bad as the creator of Nanoha."

"They are doing a third television restart of the franchise, only this time it is under the leadership of a female animator," the girlfriend offered. "Hmm…Modaka yes or no?"

"Doing lolicon fetish?"

"That actually answers it with a no since Modaka IS nothing but lolicon. Guess not. OK, lets see…The Evangelion patch is in here," she said as she saw the option.

"Rei and Asuka in fetish play? Yes please." the woman said as she held her hand out over the bar.

"Oh, hey… I got the Noir files as well. Yes to that. Which snack are you asking for?"

"Chocolate covered peanuts if poss…thank you Moriarty," she said as a full bag of the M&Ms brand was dropped in her hand. "I know you are a lesbian but damn, going full yuri here?" she asked as she looked at the game.

"Nope, the male characters are here as well. Got to have the full victory perversions," the girlfriend replied with a sadistic smile.

"Remember: vanilia tonight," was the woman's comment as she opened the M&Ms, placing some in a dish she grabbed and determined was clean enough. Sliding the dish to her girlfriend she grabbed another and wipped it clean before she placed her portion in it.

"Why do you get the cleaned dish?" the girlfriend asked.

"Because I have them on my tab," was the succienct answer.

"Works for me," she replied and turned back to setting up the game. A disturbance caused by tables moving got their attention and they turned to see who had gathered in the middle of the room.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the ganger greeted everyone as he stood on a chair in the center of the room, surrounded by his gang members who had slipped in individually and in pairs or small groups all evening long, "Allow me to greet you. We are the Einherjar and we are the newest army to live within the fair streets of Night City. For that we…" he came to a stop as he caught a cylinder in his hand, several others caught by the various men and women who saw their approach.

Not one of the gang was moving, all of them unable to process any commands to do so. The ones that were still suficiently flesh and blood were starting to tremble as they began to get their bodies to respond. Everyone watching looked around as the woman left the bar and stood at the railing directly in front of the leader, her armored jacket falling back into place from her pulling the devices she had thrown from under it.

"The Krauszek family sends their regards Einherjar. While they found the fact that you left their children and teenagers alive when you attacked the docks they were returning to from their sea trip, they did not appreciate the horrors you inflicted on them. They were more than willing to provide free advertising in the equipment used to turn off your cybernetics. Very expensive toys, but they mimic an EMP pulse. It turns your parts off, dead in the water for intents and purposes.

"After all, the mantra is 'dead is dead, parts are parts, dead guy is parts'," she said as she turned back to the counter and her girlfriend. As she heard Squirel, the lead bouncer, call out no ranged weapons, she saw that Moriarty was already placing her bottle away and her girlfriend was standing and stretching.

"Thanks Moriarty," she said as she took her girlfriend's hand.

"Not a problem Shortcake. Take care of Sorceress. We know how moody she gets if she hasn’t been fucked well at all," was the reply as he finished cleaning their space.

"Tell the Krauszeks that the deal was done please," Shortcake said as she kissed her girlfriend on the lips to the catcalls of those watching.

"Payment will be transferred at the agreed time. Have a good night Shortcake."

"You too Moriarty, you too," she said as she led Sorcerous towards the exit and then to her home Or her own if Sorcerous decided otherwise.

They just caught Squirel's declation of body count thirty-three with thirteen minutes before midnight as they finally navigated to and out the door.


Author Notes

Chapter Wordcount 1959

Story Wordcount 1959

This story, be it a one shot or not, came about because of two things. A comment Dezopenguin made
(Oooh, dystopian setting yuri? Sounds interesting...
about my planned stories in general that I had spoke of in the thread where I introduced myself was the first reason. And the other reason is that I started to look through my old R.Talsorian game books when I moved them. Specifically the Cyberpunk roleplaying game.

They specifically state in one of the clubs in the sample city that less than twenty bodies was a slow night at that location. As is the mantra that is quoted by Shortcake.

The name Krauszeks is pulled from one of the Shizlock and Watsuki stories (Hidden Depths specifically) that Dezopenguin has written for Mai-Hime. Seemed fitting to reference it since his comment prompted its eventual writing. Absolutely awesome reading by the way- better than Mai-Hime itself in my opinion. And that doesn’t count my passing enjoyment of the occassional Holmes story. Smile


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Night City Nights: A Cyberpunk RPG Story Empty Re: Night City Nights: A Cyberpunk RPG Story

Post by DezoPenguin on Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:55 pm

Heh, who'd have thought it was possible to do slice-of-life in CP2020? Smile Well, sort of slice-of-life. Slice of that life. *snerk* The black comedy suits the setting perfectly, really. Shadowrun (my cyberpunk setting of choice) always seemed to teeter on that edge between dystopia and no-worse-than-RL-just-different-crap-in-different-places, to the point that it usually came off as post-cyberpunk from 2nd Ed. on, but everything I've read in CP2020 says it went old-school with genuine dystopia.

(Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. ^_^ "Krau-szek" actually is Kazu-kun's last name from My-Otome, as opposed to "Kurauchi" from HiME.)

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